Mumsnet washing machine recommendations


how about one of these - it has integrated features

a washer with integrated mangle



I think you will find that is a “Mangel”


Paul McCartney’s looking chipper.



That’s the funkiest laundry-related thing I’ve seen since the demise of the Dyson washer. Want one!


@A_Touch_of_Cloth, look at this nefarious nest. It’s like plumbing school in here.

Just decommissioned our old washing. Was like an episode of 24. Tense.


You need Harry Tuttle in there to sort that lot out


Haha, indeed.


Have you got a 27B-6? :grinning:


WT absolute F are you lot on about ?

Just actually go and join Mumsnet, will you ?


Go and watch Brazil, one of my favourite films, and then come back and apologise :grinning:


Hey, Brazil, I drew them in the AA World Cup draw. Did you know ?



A cinematic masterpiece. :+1:


Sorry, no havey TV.