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My wife wants a new kitchen soon and I am going to loudly refuse integrated appliances.

She’ll try to overrule me, but the limitation on choice of products is silly. Other than that, our Bosch has done pretty well to put up with the abuse it receives from Leanne, poor thing.


I give you a telephone reference if you like :slight_smile:

Seriously, if you want almost no choice for more money then integrated is the way to go.


Oh wait, there are a couple of Miele integrateds. {Gets ready to guffaw at the price.}


Hold on, my non-integrated washing machine was £330, same machine integrated is £650, fuck me.


Quick before @Jim gets one…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yep, had the same thing when I needed to replace an integrated fridge. Warehouse size currys had four integrated fridges in the entire place at a cost of lots.




I simply don’t understand why integrateds exist. Is it some kind of middle class angst thing, to hide the fact that you don’t have staff to wash your clothes?


No, it’s about making a smallish kitchen look uncluttered.

I don’t have utility rooms or plumbed-in out buildings dahling.


we had a new kitchen this time last year. The cost of integrated appliances bought with the kitchen was not that bad. We assumed that the kitchen would out live the appliances and priced up replacements, We went with free standing. The kitchen guy was quick to point out it would look less cluttered with integrated. When I pointed out he had not seem me cook, or the number of wash basket type things Mag can generate doing a wash, uncluttered was really not a thing he decided to shut up.


Stop fannying about with hi-fi and move house to a bigger place. :relaxed:


what about the staff?


We had a new kitchen fitted recently (first one in 28 years of marriage) and went for integrated appliances. The washer and drier though we had freestanding appliances in a cupboard, not sure why we ended up doing that but works ok.


Be glad that you did.

Anyhow I managed to order a NEFF unit this morning which is just another rebadged Bosch/Siemens job, but at a resonable discount for a final price of £550.

The downside is I have to install it myself and dispose of the other one. Having already got the door hinges on etc, this should be straightforward enough!


No, it seems I haven’t. Just had an email to say they’ve cancelled the order.

Useless twats.


Don’t be surprised. We ordered our Bosch a few weeks ago via John Lewis having been without a washing machine for several days. Order was placed Thursday 17th pm, delivery was promised on Monday 21st (we also ordered at the same time a John Lewis badged dishwasher which was delivered within 48hrs). Then John Lewis called us. Apparently Bosch UK had cocked up. Now we wouldn’t get delivery before Friday 25th. Which turned out to be 18:30 on Friday 25th. By this stage I was wearing pants which hadn’t seen the light of day for at least a decade.



JL hold very little stock of white goods these days. When we ordered the Miele’s delivery was direct from Miele, and despite JL promising xyz date, Miele cocked up.


Counter-rotating drum @Jim!


…will obvs wash betterer than non counter rotating…:grin:


Nice, can you upgrade the power supply :smile: