Munich 2020

Got my ticket! :grin:
Who is going and which days?

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Thanks for starting the thread.

Me, 99% certain Thursday to Sunday. Actually doing shows Friday and Saturday.

Can’t afford it, am buying Hifi rather than looking at it this year :tired_face:

(Golfing trips to France and Portugal might have something to do with it too :smile:)

Clashes with the Nick Cave gig, so I’m out this year.

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Not sure I can be arsed this year. Will probably change my mind nearer the time, though.

I prefer Bristol


Highly unlikely I will be able to make it this year, because dogs :frowning_face:

I am hoping to be there if all goes well

I’ve heard there is an exhibition wide stationary / boiled sweet embargo ?

Fuck that.

Oh no! How are people supposed to sit and listen if there’s a stationary embargo?


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Now booked in the Carat Thursday and Friday nights :smiley:

I’m in the Mercure Altstadt Thurs-> Sun.

When I compared prices I was surprised that the Carat and Mercure came out about the same.

Maybe it’s because I’m staying the Saturday night.

Anyhow I got about £40 off with some points, probably from my stay last year.

Well I’m in Munich.
Where is the show?
(Fucking diverted here on the flight back from a Colombia trip, thanks to the storm. May be a day or two…)


You could be the first in the queue.
Go to the exhibition centre and put a towel down


There were already German towels down 15 minutes after last years show ended.

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Not having that, I’ll get down there and hold the British end up!


Carry on up the strasse

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The High End Society Facebook page has just posted a cancellation notice. Nothing on their site proper as yet.