Munich 2023

Anyone thinking of going to Munich next year?
18th to 21st May


Lots of shit to sort out first, but I’ll try

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I hope to make it :+1:

I hope to make it.

I’m torn - I’d like to go very much, but it’s also a shit ton of cash that I could be ploughing directly into my own hifi.

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Still on my list to get there, hoping to go next year.

Flights booked.

It’s only going to get more expensive from now on, and I’m eager to avoid a repeat of last year’s £1k to Berlin fiasco.

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I have been dithering.
I need to get it all booked

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Changed my mind
Prices have increased considerably since my last visit.
Probably another Brexit bonus!

Given other trips planned this year this is going to be a stretch too far, so no Munich for me this year. :confused:


FWIW my flights were £241, but I’m staying with a buddy in the suburbs, and a mystery shop at the hotel where I usually stay suggested ~£600 so yeah, I think I would have balked at that.

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After I thoughtlessly booked myself in with hold luggage that I probably won’t need :man_facepalming: