Music To Look Forward To (New Releases)


I reckon the CD is the version to go for. I have pretty much everything on the vinyl set. The DVDs and session tracks on the CD set look interesting, and as a bonus it is much cheaper!


All the stuff i’m mainly interested in by PIL was done on the first 2 albums,so will give this a miss.



Waiting for the vinyl release of this…



Saw that this morning. I think that will be one for the shopping list when released.


One of I suspect many future releases which will hopefully please Prince fans.
@myrman worth checking out.


I’m actually going to see Low a week tomorrow. Which is nice.


FWIW it looks like the only UK tour date is Bristol

Oct. 15 - Bristol, UK - Trinity


Already on pre-order :+1:


Looking forward to this - out in September.



Been listening to Notion on Spotify for a few months now, it’s outstanding. Quite excited about a new album.

Fuck. The Deluxe CD Bundle is already sold out.


I didn’t expect that. I pre-ordered the LP.


For those interested…


Fourteen classic Genesis studio albums are being made available again on 180GM vinyl on August 3rd. Each album will be feature original artwork and come with a download card. Global pre-order link here:
Please note, for North America and Canada, the following vinyl reissues will be available later, in Fall 2018 - The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, Genesis, Invisible Touch, We Can’t Dance, and Calling All Stations




Invisible Touch is a great album.

I’ll just leave that there…


They’ll struggle to sell them all, that’s nearly twenty…


New John Grant in August.
Not sure about cover photo…
Whiff of @wayward pants about it…

Concert soon :+1:t2: