Music To Look Forward To (New Releases)


I hate you lot :unamused:


I’ve just ordered all the essential albums :+1:


I shall not be buying any of those*
*Mainly cos i bought most of them when they first came out back then :worried:


I shall buy a couple for worn out reasons :slightly_smiling_face:


I decided to splurge and bought everything up to and including Wind & The Wuthering for the same reasons :+1:


Are these reissues of the 2010 (ish) boxed set?

Like this



Were there vinyl versions of that release ? I thought they were just digital :thinking:

These are supposed to be from restored, original masters on 180g vinyl.


I have the vinyl boxed set. I bought it when it first came out. They did the post Gabriel stuff on vinyl too, but that was of no interest to me.


I don’t know the provenance of that set. But if they have accurate reproductions of the original sleeves and on 180g, then I can’t see any reason why these would be massively different.

It could just be that they saw a market for selling individual albums rather than a set :+1:


You surprise me. I thought you were the prog guru :wink:

The boxed set was just an impulse buy, as I have first pressings of the ‘Gabriel’ albums anyway. Anything after that was shite :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I think they’ve all been played once (the boxed set) with the exception of TLLDOB which may have been played twice.


Yes, I disappoint myself sometimes :pensive:

But not being a completist, I found the prospect of a boxed set of all the same albums I already had to be anathema. Therefore I took very little interest.


Like I said, it was an impulse buy.

I have 4 copies of The Lamb…



If you’d like a 5th, there is a great complete live version on the Archives set :grinning:


Nah, I’ll pass. I did see them perform it live at Newcastle City Hall though.

The boxed set was remastered (allegedly from the master tapes) and the results vary. Certainly the earlier albums were an improvement, but the later ones, well, I prefer the originals.


Yeah, I found that few times. Different isn’t always better.
I struggle to find a Steven Wilson or Jakko Jakszyk remix which doesn’t work though.


Only a matter of time before the email from Dom. Been looking forward to this one.


Got to say this one really interests me.
Bought most blind l,but on what I have heard this is right up my…



Yea, I snaffled a copy of that, too.


@htm_1968 @SAP7 @MJ2

Just had a chat with Dom and if you hold fire then he’s about to send out an email taking orders on this one.

And of course mailing list orders get shipped before shop pre-orders :+1:


I always buy direct. He’s going back to his old vinyl supplier as the recent batches haven’t been very flat…
not sure when.