Music To Look Forward To (New Releases)


Could you imagine if they released the Rubber Johnny video today ? :man_facepalming:



No mention of a vinyl release. Wish he had done something similar for the previous tour as I prefer HCE to TTB, although both shows were fantastic.


It will have a vinyl release but not until later. If he didn’t release it on the fantastic black plastic it would a massive aboutface for him. He’s a huge champion of vinyl.


Yes I think you are right. Plus there will be those who will buy the CD/DVD and then buy the vinyl as well so a good marketing ploy.


Plus he always does a 5.1 remix so plenty of opportunities to rape wallets


Did you get to any of the shows this tour or the HCE tour?


Sadly no. Poor timing with shifts I couldn’t change and Strayans over needing a tour guide :roll_eyes:



Out later this month



Presumably dubby electronica.

@Jim, if this is your thing and you likes a bit of vinyl, it looks like the vinyl - buying opportunities are fast running out.


Vinyl ordered, cheers Guy :smile:


:+1: I ordered that earlier this morning.






Good although expensive news. November is looking expensive for release vinyl with the OMD half speed masters and White Album releases as well.


It’s been an expensive couple of months. November will be a doddle in comparison :roll_eyes:


I may just have to order this :heart_eyes: