Music To Look Forward To (New Releases)


Deafness is almost appealing in the face of turgidity…:thinking:


Meh! Cos yellow :expressionless:


Feckin’ Strayans :slightly_smiling_face:. Play the man and not the ball…:smile:

Let’s face it, who needs 9872 hours of difficult time signatures, noodling guitars and wank lyrics? Other than you obviously, Tezza…


This is what I live for :wink:


Stop trying to cheer me up. :rage: You confessing to an abject and dissolute existence is not helping one bit. :unamused:


Your chagrin makes it all worthwhile :+1:


I got some ointment for that. It dried up nicely.





£90 a set. I’d like to get a view on the SQ of these before shelling out. There is potential for some big improvements but I’m wary. KB is supposed to have personally overseen the mastering on Director’s Cut and it’s one of the worst sounding records I’ve heard.


You can get them individually too:


It always amuses me that we somehow think that the artist has the ability to do this. I suppose it sells records though.


‘Overseen’ covers a very wide variety of scenarios :thinking:


Yeah, mainly marketing based.


Kate’s originals all sound very good and are easy to find at modest prices, so I don’t really see the attraction of these unless someone can convince me that they will magically sound better than the original pressings?


I’ve only got Hounds of Love on vinyl. It sounds OK but not incredible. I could look for a tidier version and also start filling in the gaps. I haven’t been to a record shop for ages.


Try finding The Red Shoes or Aerial at a modest price.


Fair enough, I only like early KB and they sold in big numbers so easy to find.


The earlier ones are the ones that sound good. Dreaming and Hounds of Love sound especially poor


One for @htm_1968


This is the one Steven Wilson remix I have been waiting for…