Music To Look Forward To (New Releases)


What, to bankrupt me? :grin:


Yep, 50 squids for a double 45 with a few useless extras is steep. Ok if you never open it cos you’re gonna sell it for a lot more in a couple of year’s time…

…but I just want to play/hear the music. :thinking:

ovoc :wink:


Theres a loverly piss yellow version for 1/2 that


So want, but hard to justify.


Particularly as you never open them, you might as well buy a frisbee…:laughing:


Just need this…



That just devalues them. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll listen to it first and see if it’s any different to his last 7.


What are you listening to? V1.2




Tom Waits’ 1970s back catalog is being remastered and re-released this year:

My fave era (through to the ~mid 80s) Have a few of these on vinyl, but prices are very sane so may fill-in the gaps and then buy the rest if the remasters are good :+1:




I’m waiting for a Black Rider reissue. Love that LP.


Moby’s Play B-sides is gettung a first and claimed one off vinyl release, only 1000 copies apparently so if you are fan get in quick.


The state of that.


I love that album.

But I hate You for drawing my attention to that $100 possibly-bloody-nice / possibly-shit-remaster gamble . . . :confounded:


I think I will pass on that one, but I am going to order this


In general, they are superb, I have a few of their 200gm releases if you fancy a listen.


Let us know how it goes - First Rays… almost certainly wasn’t what Hendix himself would have released, but it is bloody enjoyable, the rest of it, I’m altogether less sure of…


I do, you doing anything tomorrow - come and have a beer and a few choons and marvel at the latest foo… (and pick up your various bits and bobs!)


Oh yesssssssssssssssss. Japanese flute jazz almighty.