Music To Look Forward To (New Releases)


Great album :+1:


Hendrix to flute

I confuzed



I suffer* from Hysterical Flute Blindness, so I haven’t seen that.

(*by “suffer”, I mean it in the sense of “rejoice”.)


If I did vinyl I’d have your arm off for this


Yep, got that on pre-order.


I lost that one to a girlfriend along with a few others…some biosphere and warp stuff.perfectly acceptable trade for putting up with me for 9 years


The UHQR Hendrix will probably sound superb. Bernie Grundman generally produces the goods. The UHQR pressings are exceptionally high quality - The Sgt Pepper UHQR is really quite lovely. These records also shoot up in value. The Hendrix will be £110 from Diverse (Here in the UK)


None UHQR version, but same master, and QRP 200 gram etc so probably still super.



I can attest they are excellent :+1:

One way or another, this will end up costing me money…


I’ve got that, and it is fantastic quality. But Axis in mono doesn’t seem right to me really, because this was the period that Jimi was experimenting with stereo panning and phasing. But it is a great bit of vinyl.


New Wooden Shjips LP on the way. I believe you can listen to it on Spotify now if you are so inclined.


Out on March 23rd.
Really looking forward to this.:kissing_heart:


Great cover


Saw her described recently as a country rocker so wonder if more mainstream country


There was a good interview with her in the Telegraph on Saturday.
Suggested the album has a bit of an r&b influence rather than rock. The title track can be heard online and seems pretty nice.



Missed that, will try and retrieve paper


Pete - it was the Telegraph not the Times


Erica’s currently looking for the paper. How long should I wait before I tell her :grinning: