Music To Look Forward To (New Releases)

I listen to that, and the first LP, more than any other Mogwai LPs.

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One of the best Mogwais!

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New Slift.

Pre orders open for all you vinyl botherers.

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Anyone want the download code for this - Please DM


Anyone who enjoys a spot of folk/country crossover, these gals are the Real Deal, and currently 76% funded for the release of their next album:


New CDT is fussier than the old about battered CDs, so just ordered the remastered and extended Maxinquaye -

Be interested to see if any of the rmx are worth a shit.

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Prog, but longer

Bill Laswell / Pete Namlook “Outland” project. All five albums plus an extra one.

Out on Friday.

The various download vendors seem to be quite confused as to what this is - in physical form it’s a 6 * CD box set.

The cheapest download I’ve found so far is £8.99 :laughing:



I like the look of this

but they don’t seem to do FLAC downloads. I resent buying CDs. Might just see how much of it I can assemble from existing files I already have :laughing:

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That’s right - I’m bad :laughing:

Sadly I didn’t have all of it, just a good chunk. I may well reconsider the CD when it’s released.

It’s a good excuse to wheel out Theme For Great Cities again anyway.

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I’ll be adding that to my growing collection of Ace Records comps.

I love them - it just makes for great eclectic listening for the lazy bastard in me :grinning:

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I liked your description of them as mix tapes. They’re something that your mate gives you with some stuff that you both like and other bits that are new to you.

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It’s essentially what a good compilation should be (albeit with better artwork than my mates’ handiwork :grinning:). I’ve never been one to buy everything an artist has put out so compilations have always been ideal plus they were essential for DJing as well. :ok_hand:

I’ve never counted how many official compilations I have but it must well over a hundred on both CD and vinyl (plus the odd original tape from my mates). During my tidy up of the house I also found a box of CDR mixed comps from when my mates went all modern and switched to digital.

My mate Alan has always been the King of comps - he still loves making them up but now sends me them via Spotify

This is his latest and if you have the time or inclination there are some absolutely amazing ones in his feed - the music is always electronic but varies from bangers to ambient.

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£36 each! It really is becoming a bit of a piss take.

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I’ve just pre-ordered blue vinyl copy of the new “The Smile” album. Comes out in the new year.

Pricing isn’t too mad!

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I’ve ordered that as well. Have tickets to see them in the Armadillo next year too. They were great at Usher Hall last time, Think I’ve seen every Radiohead/Thom Yorke tour that has came north of the border since Kid A in the big tent. I’m getting old!


Tim Smith’s (ex Midlake) long-awaited solo album