Music To Look Forward To (New Releases)

Hundred after postage :disappointed:

It’s spendy for sure. That said I don’t know of any bank interest that comes close. Even if you open and play it, enjoy it, in a year or two you would get £150 supposing it was well cared for. (I see this as more fun than banking money but it is speculative - No guarantees)


Got both of these on prerelease order.

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Me too :+1:

For any On-U / dub fans


Saw this on pfm and thought a few here might be interested:

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Verve Acoustic Sounds Series - 2024

Jan 26: Ben Webster – Soulville

Feb 23: Stan Getz, Bill Evans - Stan Getz and Bill Evans

Mar 29: Ella Fitzgerald – Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie!

Apr 26: Gerry Mulligan – Night Lights

May 10: Kenny Burrell – Guitar Forms

May 24: Duke Ellington, Johnny Hodges – Back to Back

Jun 14: Billie Holiday – Body And Soul

Jun 28: Johny Hodges And His Orchestra – Blues A-Plenty

Jul 12: Sonny Stitt – Blows The Blues

Jul 26: Gerry Mulligan, Ben Webster – Gerry Mulligan Meets Ben Webster

Aug 16: Sonny Rollins – East Broadway Run Down

Aug 30: Stan Getz – Sweet Rain

Sep 6: Nina Simone – Nina Simone In Concert

Sep 20: Sarah Vaughn – Sassy

Oct 11: Chet Baker – Baker’s Holiday

Oct 25: Mel Tormé – Tormé

Nov 1: Ben Webster, Oscar Peterson - Ben Webster Meets Oscar Peterson

Nov 15: Ben Webster – See You At The Fair

Dec 3: Jimmy Smith – Root Down

Dec 6: Jimmy Smith – The Cat


New Jasmine Myra album Rising due out May 3rd

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Shabaka’s gone full flute.


Never go full flute, Shabaka.


Just feel the need to say (again) that that Andre 3000 album is a pile of utter fucking wank and as you all well know I am a jazz wanker. :grinning:


Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. New album August and UK arena tour early November.


Yay :unamused:

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I may like this one, just never hit me where it’s needed.
Never doubted the talent

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:point_up_2: This

Including a remix by Vince fucking Clarke!


Might appeal to @crimsondonkey amongst others


Nice. 26th July.

These Cherry Red box sets don’t usually make it to streaming so that’ll be a physical purchase.

Ooh, new Beth Gibbons tomorrow.

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