National audio show 2017 16-17th sept


30 days to go till the relocated whittlebury show is at the Birmingham icc /hyatt

looking forward to it




Wank. (Probably).


No muffin costings P.O.A


Hope all who go enjoy it.
I won’t be one of them. :grinning:


LOL, thread going well. Should’ve posted it on a hifi forum :rofl:


Funnily enough (:disappointed:) the OP posted an identical thread on a fish flavoured hifi forum to similar indifference.

A day out in Birmingham, who could resist?


I can’t recall ever being in Birmingham


Something you should be proud of.

I understand some blokes are going to dress up as characters out of Star Wars for this show in Brum. I sense a disturbance in the force suggesting that avoiding this might be an excellent plan…


actually I’ve been to the NEC a couple of times, does that count?


Depends who was playing really…


Attending exhibitions for work commitments, sadly!


Crap show, not going.


I can’t believe that anyone goes to Birmingham voluntarily :angry:




I might go. Hoping for a free tuning fuse :smile:


Sadly I’m washing my hair that weekend


Might go maybe, have to practice my brummy accent first though.



Many have both.