National audio show 2017 16-17th sept


Why the sadness ? Something to celebrate :smile:


He’s got to grow some first. Maybe a brown astroturf is the answer,




yes , hoping to drum up a bit of support as it means I don`t have to drive miles to go to a hifi show !!! so nice to have one on your own doorstep instead of Windsor , Harrogate , melton Mowbray , London and Bristol :grinning:


They are all bloody miles away, so you look for the ones with the most interesting exhibitors. This year so far that would be none. This one looks a bit bull and bland, Harrogate looks to be, from what limited information there is can’s cars and telly, Booked a few days in Edinburgh instead.


Invitation only backwater bunk house events where not much is shown but stuff gets set on fire and attendees eat each others b’caped body weight in carbs are the new ‘shows’


Can’t wait for the next captain of industry to tell us how it should be really done and monetise the fuck out of it.


A great example of how to turn a once thriving community into a non-entity.

Narcissism + stupidity = fail



Just so we are clear on my views about this show: Meh.


Is it just me or does that look just like Cliff Richard.:thinking:


I can see why you say that


I had a snigger at the ‘captain of industry’ bit, seeing as there is no mention of him I can find in any meaningful business. Perhaps then a handle of ‘jumped up twat’ is more appropriate.


In exciting breaking news today you will all be relieved to hear that I’m not going.


I’m not going. Feels good.


Went yesterday, very poor turn out. Even Diverse Vinyl had a quiet day.

Had an enjoyable day. The Metaxas and Line Magnetic rooms were worth a visit.

Due to heightened security in the city to cross from the hotel to the ICC you had to press a buzzer and give the top secret codeword to get through the locked door. Fortunately the secret code word was printed in large letters next to the buzzer :smiley:




Who was exhibiting the LM speakers? Were there LM amps as well?


Jeeeeesus, they are fugly. Anybody know what they are, so that I can avoid any unnecessary unpleasantness if/when I ever get to do some drunken eBaying again.


LM got CE approved?


enjoyed the kerr acoustic speakers very much . also enjoyed a very interesting talk from the boss at GIK acoustics . loved the new B&W 700 series which was playing in 2 rooms . also nice to see the K3 in ultimate streams room , there is a lot of chat about them so nice to hear . jolly expensive tho at 10k !!!