National audio show 2017 16-17th sept


French chap, looking at literature says distributed by BC Diffusion SAS.

Had a lot of amplifiers there. System I heard was LM-24Cd player, LM-845IA amplifier with LM-812 Iconic speakers. Also had Supravox speakers, listened to Bahias.

All looked well made and reasonably priced.


Metaxas, only £80k a pair.

I liked the design and sounded good when I heard them, completely unaware of speakers. The designer gave a talk, really nice Aussie.




Originally from Greece


Fixt but true



So from New Zealand?


I remember hearing their electrostatic speakers, which were remarkable. I presume they are equally unaffordable.


Any pics of food on offer?


What were they like?


Promising, thought the bass could have been tighter. Would like to hear again with more varied selection of music.



Looks a bit pants


I had a double burger with chunky chips, very good but not up to Uncle Ben standards


£80k a pair, amplifier was £40k.

They are going to Indulgence show and Windsor. The talk was about recording concerts, he has recorded about 300 mainly classical and put some recordings on the website to download.


I would relish the opportunity to take my old home economics teacher out to dinner - She was a vile, violent and full of venom for uncooked food stuffs. I imagine it would be rather entertaining to watch her twatting the odd chef about the face with a blackboard eraser whilst screaming “This is cookery, so cook it you pillock”


enjoyed listening to them with a bit of classical and opera . looked very old school . I picked up their brochure and noted their price was 12999 euro`s