New amp again

HMRC have come up with an unexpected bonus, so I want to burn the money.

Solid state, must have a decent DAC, Bluetooth preferred. Maybe even Roon-something?

Not Primare or Gato - nothing wrong with them but I’ve been there and done that.

Budget around £2k.

I’d like to try a Cambridge Edge A but they’re too big and too expensive.

Please suggest a 6 grand valve amp, then I’ll go off and buy the Cambridge.



dunno if they do anything that spendy, but the big Yamaha AV amps tick most of those boxes and the 10 year old one i’ve just inherited is pretty good. It has bluetooth, inbuilt DAC, DSP, and will accept toslink, spdif and HDMI for inputs - I use a Roku box for audio and video duties, I just leave the TV off when playing music from it.

All from the same dealer.

Within budget. Manufacturers gone kaput and extremely complicated so what could possibly go wrong? OTOH class A.

Slightly over budget. Very decent though.

Moderately over budget, will shred your lugholes with most domestic speakers. OTOH shiney,


I’d rather be seen out wearing @anon14766838 ‘s pretentious old lady pink slippers than listen to that :face_vomiting:

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So the options are

  • potentially instant conflagration, or brick
  • iDevice - only
  • bathroom scales that nearly led to divorce the last time I looked at one

I like cut of your jib Sir!


No problem. The Auralic is Roon ready so can be controlled with any Roon compatible device. Sounds decent too.

Why do you want an amp with an integrated DAC? Chances of finding something that does a decent job of both is slim, and even slimmer that you’ll like it.

And then when you want to upgrade either, you’re back to square one. And you will want to :smile:


I want him to buy the Auralic so I can buy it off him on the cheap in six months time to use for music in the family room and with a TV.


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Limited space, and I’m not keen on the added faff and ugly of two extra boxes instead of one.

I’m currently (sort of) on zero boxes, a Sonos all in one, which is certainly adequate.

But I’d like to waste some money.

@htm_1968’s plan of buying the Auralic then moving it on at a significant loss in a few month’s time is sounding pretty promising.


Out of the options the Auralic is the one I’d take the punt on.

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This might be worth a look, and could probably be cheaper with an offer possibly definitely maybe.

MF haters look away now…

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And this piece of Schiit, which can be ordered with a dac module inside…

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Didn’t Bryston do one

Looked at one several times.

I think it’s moved from 2 to 3 since the last time I looked :thinking:

Only heard one at a show with focals so hard to gauge what they are like


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