New amp again

Neither the 2 or 3 have digital inputs either. Good amps mind.

Of course, if you’re talking Naim, the Uniti Atom is in budget and that has digital inputs, a streaming module and all the convenience stuff too- AirPlay, Bluetooth, Chromecast etc.

No DAC in new SuperNait (or the Mk2). Phonostage in SN3. They are all a bit poo though.

Its got a toob in it

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Nad M32 - one on pfm for less than £2k.


Ooh, good shout.

I aim to please. :grin:
Half had my eye on it myself but will happily buy it off you in 6 months for half the current asking price.:+1:



you’re just jealous you didn’t have such a clever idea :innocent:


Enjoyed the little cyrus hd at bristol this year , it didn`t sound bad at all

Maybe a bit of hegel ??

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How about this Perreaux? Should be easy to sell on without losing too much cash in the future. I know a few folk on here have had some of their kit ( Wayne? ).

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Cheers. I’ll have to take a closer look at that.

And sap7 i believe

I remember unclepuncles pain of trying to get a perraux repaired, didn’t sound fun in the slightest.

My Perreaux 255i has a dac and phono stage added as an optional plug in circuit board.
Sabres latest chip.

The one Wayne flogged would have been ideal if you can get the dac board as an after market option. BUT I think they add a grand to cost.

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Why don’t you just buy these and plug a streamer straight in? Journey over.


Because wife.

I’ve tried angling for several variations on the digital active theme, including the zeros, all to no avail. The current speakers are basically non-negotiable.

And before the keyboard warriors start grumbling “ooh, grow a pair” etc., it’s a shared space, and the only real space in the house. Both sides have to agree.

Now what I really need is a listening room, which I could fill with all the ugly electrical hazards I liked. But then I can’t have one of those because London.

Did I mention that I want to leave London?


That’s probably the best idea.

Sack it off, buy whisky & suits until I don’t live in London.

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