New CAMERA Phone Huawei P20 pro


Yes thanks for the input - I had read about over sharpening and colouring - I think many camera phones suffer from a tendency to over gloss the lily - They do have a very small sensor compared with DSLR cameras. So it’s amazing to me that a TV screen filling image without obvious noise issues is now an expectation for camera phones - Last night I scoured Flikr looking P20 pro photos. Also I looked at a few utube vids.
Compared with the iPhone X it definitely zaps up the contrast and colour, but does offer increased detail and I think better overall performance.
So earlier today I ordered a Huawei P20 pro. It should arrive early next week.


Cool, let me know how it goes. I’m going to get Claire one on Thursday when she’s sure an upgrade, I think.


The phone has arrived.

Comments on the camera after a few days playing.
I am starting to get some reasonable results. I’m not finding any issues with over satirisation. I have a suspicion that the comment about this was made from someone who had it set on vivid. That said to me the colours are warm rather than cold more like the Fuji colours

The quality and ease of use of the camera is definitely a large step up from the iPhone 5S

The focusing and exposure options are very good indeed.
It’s pretty easy to use and switch on is very quick.
Images will sometimes stand up to serious scrutiny
I am finding that the pro mode is best in decent light and really hoping that this will become
my street photography go to device - My plan is to run this alongside my Ricoh GR and see how it goes.
So far I am impressed with most things but still need to decide which modes not to bother with - So far the use of the zoom has given mostly poor results.

If I get decent images I will post them here


Once it’s all charged / set-up, can you post some pics using the new camera phone Andy ? :smile:


can you send me a picture of the phone taken with the phone please



oh my gosh … a beemer using trafficators … !! the joys of devon


Out of focus backgrounds can be dodgy and images do not suffer much cropping - But it is very good on autofocus and the screen is very easy to see in bright lighting.

I am continuing to enjoy using the camera bit - hopefully getting out and trying some street efforts today.



Great snail pic!


Yeah, you’re getting almost competent :smiley:


Amazing quality from a lens smaller than a 5p coin.


Nice. The bokeh on the table pic seems a bit weird, is it a filter?


Snail pic is excellent for a camera phone


Yes the table shot was on “aperture” cheat background defocus sometimes it works - Sometimes like that example - it doesn’t. The pro mode is less prone to fails of this type

There is no getting over, for me me anyway, that overall the hit rate for snapshots is brilliant.

Taking photos of a moving cat or close up stuff astonishingly good beats what I can achieve with my EOS 5D mk111, Ricoh GR or my Sony 7AS- I have tried 40MP files which are really good but a real faff with my laptop to get loaded etc - Mostly the standard 10MP file size does it but on very bright sunny days whilst the screen is very workable the contrast in the files is pretty difficult and a few steps behind DSLR.
Portraits are dealt with very well up to point but don’t really compete with proper portrait gear

I do find that the contrast is zapped up, and tend to -20 it on my fastone viewer.

If anyone is thinking of buying a Huawei please just wait a bit - Currently I love the wide and B&W lens I am not sure that the telephoto suffers much scrutiny, It may be critical for the night mode but at the moment I am thiking the quality it offers is not great -If its mostly about photography then the cheaper two lens version might be all you need.


Amazing how far mobiles have come in just 20 years



Lol, I’ve had 5 of those! All of them apart from the one on the far right.


Ah, the T28

I don’t half miss the T28


Todays effort





Whichever way you look at it, that ain’t a Geranium.