New CAMERA Phone Huawei P20 pro


I will have a word with her indoors


Sorry Andy,

When I looked on my lappy, there was just the first image, with the legend ‘Geranium’ underneath, which sort of made it look like your scone was, in fact, a Geranium, sorta.

Now on my PC, it has displayed both images, so , yawn, sorry.


No problem - By the way the scone is in fact a meringue


Is it a scone or a meringue

(works better with a NE accent)


Could you mime that for me then?


You still wouldn’t get it


You’re right, it is a scone.


Clotted cream or bust.


Don’t google that


I did…



Taken today with my MOTO G6.



I have now had this for two weeks - I can recommend everything about camera except for the third telephoto -The quality I can get from this is seems two divisions lower than the two other front lenses. I feel more comfortable using the std lens and zooming by cropping. There may be a time that I find this useful but not so far - Capturing kids playing football might be an example where this lens comes into it’s own -I will try again using it at the village fete today

If you are looking to spend less than £550 but want long battery life and decent splashproofing the P10 mate pro without the third lens looks good.

It’s a great camera for cats - The snap below had no post processing and was just cropped a little


thanks, I am going to need to replace my Samsung S7 edge soonish, battery is playing up and I can upgrade from mid August.

The Huawei P20 is on the list, along with an S9+


Claire gets 2 full days from the battery on her P20 Pro. It’s great.


thats useful to know - is that with loads of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth?

I hammer my S7 and up until this week it has been fine, but I’ve noticed the battery is draining faster than usual.


Check if there’s s rouge app running in the background draining the battery.
(Soz if you know this already)


It’s used fairly heavily - the usual social media, music on commute, that kind of thing.


no problem its the first thing I looked for, but nothing unusual.