New cooker needed

The :poop: G :poop: developed a gas leak and I’ve had it disconnected, the engineer has condemned it. It could be fixed. But fuck that.

Aperture is a disused brick fireplace. A unit W110cm is about right x D75cm (deeper would be fine, can stick-out a bit). 5 or 6 burner.

I’d love an induction hob, but only have a 13A supply (42A would be needed); so gas it is.

Recommendations based on recent personal experience, please.

Problems with various brands also needed, please.

Anyone used professional catering equipment? e.g. EMME, Falcon, Buffalo, Blue Seal, Lincat, Parry etc.? Quite fancy going this route, value seems high and the basic specs are appealing.


We bought an expensive Britainnia 4+fish burner 90cm hob

Don’t bother


This sort of thing looks very functional, fits your dimensions too.
Prices are Ex VAT which is what I suppose you would expect on a commercial listing

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Siemens natch.

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I used it do customer care on the phones for a cooker company when at uni, sold loads of falcons. I only ever had one call about a falcon and that was because the didn’t put the noozles in the spare parts bag. We couldn’t find the number to their spare parts department because we had never had to use it.

I know you asked for recent advice, but compared to smeg, Britannia, range master etc which were all the same shite in different fancy skins and we were constantly get calls about them. So falcon stuck in my memory.


I was looking at Falcon and Blue Seal when one of our ovens died in the Smeg range but are way to deep for 600mm deep worktops.

I’ve also got a small Blue Seal catering oven that seams indestructible due to being really basic.

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We had a rangemaster 90cm duel fuel job with a rangemaster extractor in Freeland for ten years - Was well made and robust, the only issue ever was a loss of effectiveness on the extractor -This was sorted easily and under warranty - Turned out that a mouse had crawled through the extraction vent and splatted occluding the extraction somewhat.

They do an all gas version and various widths.

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That reminds me, when the engineer came out and refused to fix the Smeg oven (electric) because “they never stay fixed because they are crap”. When pressed he said that the Rangemaster was the best of the bunch of usual suspects.

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Catering equipment is great, solid and over engineered for domestic use. Narelle has worked in enough commercial kitchens to believe in their robustness.
The downside is expense. Purchase price can be relatively similar to Stylee domestic stuff but fitting/servicing is a very different animal. Expect rapid attendance but eye watering bills.

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We have had a six gas burner with twin electric oven Britannia for over 14 years. The fan oven element went after about 10 years (as that is the only setting SWMBO uses). One of the restraining fitments of the Glass door linings detached after 12 years ( you can buy high temp glue fixing kits on ebay) other than that no issues used daily. Don’t know if modern ones are built the same way. Buy from John Lewis with their guarantee and then annual warranty. Total peace of mind. All " white goods" bought that way. We bought a rouge Panasonic washing machine from them. Rang customer services and complained saying we bought from them because of their no hassle fixing policy. They replaced it with any model we chose up to the same price and if we wanted a more expensive model we simply paid the excess. Collected old machine and installed new one.

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We’ve had a dual fuel Rangemaster 110 for about 15 years now and the only thing that has gone wrong with it is the fan in the fan oven and the grill element burning out, both about a month ago. It gets used a LOT.

There, that’s it royally fucked now !

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If you are looking at professional grade then Molteni, it’s the only valid option.

For more domestic units, Lacanche and La Cornue would fit well with the manor house aesthetic:


Suitably ugly and expensive

Thanks everyone, some excellent… er… food for thought.

Experience suggests that most “X is bombproof - had it 20 years!” anecdotes generally pre-date said companies offshoring production to China and quality going completely titsup.

What it must be to be young and full of certainty…

…also, Electrolux…

God no, it’s just the most expensive stove money can buy, and therefore the ideal AA recommendation.


You are joking ?

Buffalo are alright, tough but boring. Most good commercial ovens are designed for specific functions not general domestic use also good ones don’t have hobs on top of them.

If I had an actual chateau…

…er not even then probably. Gopping. Reassuringly crushingly expensive tho’ - so yeah, a Proper AA reco - I’ll give you that :ok_hand:

Bullshit. Sodders asked for advice on a stove so the ideal AA recommendation would be a fridge freezer with an off-board valve regulated power supply that was so heavy it had it’s own event horizon.

Obviously the power supply would throw off enough heat to replace melt an Aga so a stove would be unnecessary.


That’s it. That is the beginning and the end of all I am interested in.

Not wanky “features”.

Not bragging rights.

Not some shitty label for golf-club mouthsturbating to flaunt my wealth.

Just something I can cook on that won’t go wrong all that soon or all that often.

Every single one of the brands I mentioned in the OP make a domestic sized, do-it-all range.