New Listening Room build

The planning application went in yesterday for the new extension, so that will take 8 weeks, I’ve agreed a price with a builder and he is booked for May. Build will take maybe 6 weeks.

I decided to abandon the idea of extending the existing garage in favour of building a new extension on t’other side of the house. This is after speaking with our very own Simon @sjs . He thought that despite the available plot on the other side of the house being an asymmetric shape, it would make a better listening room. This is the sketch he very kindly did for me.



Too small.

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Well, it is Norfolk Edd…
… but I reckon 20’ x 13’ will be adequate.

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Nice, so are you going all in with the system or are you going to set your existing gear up once the room is ready and see how it goes?

Errr, not really thought about that…hmmmmm. :thinking:

A leap into the unknown! :grin:

When I did it, it coincided with our house move and to be honest, I was totally gung-ho. I had no clue what I was doing and truly, I probably got bits wrong. Although I knew it would be a journey. I didnt have the help available to you, well at least to begin with.

Having done it, I would say go for it but probably you should listen to a few things first. Listening to other’s systems might be different with a mind set of building something similar for yourself. I’ve got a load of shifting around to do here but once done, you are welcome, of course. We could move the listening position to a similar place to where it will be in your room for instance.


I guess that largest horn might be a 160 or there abouts, heres a pair of EJMLC 160’s (large footprint compared to the round versions) in the room.


Haha, what about the rest of it? That’s the version he might show the missus! :rofl:

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“I’m sure we discussed this at the time”.

Thought just showing the largest horn that might be needed gives an idea of what you end up with, minimum. Here WE 12a (Wife friendly version).


as headphones, pretty much.


There’s plenty of room sideways, maybe lab-subs like you’ve got Ritchie to the side of the mid-range horn(s)?

Reckon you have lots of choices, listen to everything you can.

My perception would be that the elliptical horns Simon is suggesting if going straight, would be a better bet than mine because you will be able to get them tighter together vertically. Reckon that may help with integration as you’ll be near field. If snail, I think you can hang other drivers/horns in the mouth and use a digital xo to time align. Bass could be horn or open baffle…

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Yep, too big for sure re. WE

Heres a WE 25a so a little smaller just for perspective, not suggesting they are used just an example of a slightly smaller horn on mid.


Dozens of horn heads in Japan may disagree. :grin:

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Yes, I bet and the 25a would be nicely set in the centre of a 15a, bet it sounds good though.

Heres a few more horns in the set up, still think this is too big and going circular wont reduce the space between listening position and horn. The 25a looks better in terms of spacing…that angled back wall is a bugger.


The room doesn’t allow for this with doors and windows being obstructed but this gives more space from listening position to speakers but again not sure about the angled wall and reflections etc.


Cheers for all of the layout suggestions and sketches Simon, much appreciated. :+1:

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Anytime, just shout if you want any further ideas drawn up, happy to help.

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Sideways 12A’s FTW. Basically what you have Si, but with the 12A’s on their sides, arms outwards.