New Member Introductions

Welcome to AA. If you are a new member please introduce yourself here.

Hello, I like cats I used to have two cats called Gin and Tonic, but they are dead. I now have two cats called Ziggy and Marley…


OK. I’ve cleaned this up a bit by request. Let’s leave this thread for the newbs.
Plenty of other places to rip each other new ones.


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I ton of newbs since the reboot :tada:

So this is where you lot are now hanging :slight_smile:

Inspired by Wayward I’ve modified my username a bit to better reflect reality these days.
You can probably guess who I am - clue I’ve slowed down a bit over the years.

I like cats too. Have two posh ragdolls who get into fights, hate each other but both like their monkey slaves in their own special ways.

i used to be a high BHP / weight ratio kind a guy - now I want a an electric car - is that wrong? Tesla would be nice, Does that make me a car nut still?


Welcome aboard. You’re just what AA needs, particularly in the exploding veins, tubbster with ambitions to drive a milk float department. :upside_down:

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Welcome Steve!

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Glad you’ve finally found us!

Any saw related activities lately?

Welcome, you had better be a bloody golfer. :slight_smile:

Does accidentally running my finger into the bandsaw blade count?

Ooh, nasty.

But yes, that counts :+1:

Sounds like one for the slaughterhouse thread!

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Twas but a scratch my lord :slight_smile:

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Get a cart, you two. :slight_smile:

I like how it’s shot through nicotine tinted spectacles :slight_smile:

I’m not really into golf but I like talking to my daughters +1 handicap soon to be golf pro boyfriend.
He’s currently studying Golf Management at Uni in case his pro ambitions don’t come off.
He’s just come back from a weeks training camp in the south of Spain - all part of the degree!
He can talk about grass for ages!

I’m looking forward accessing the VIP areas at all the fancy courses when he’s made it big :wink:



Don’t mock…there is a lot of money in it.

I mean, I refuse to blow my own trumpet…but seeing as how the topic has come up…why, just this Saturday I won £20 for coming third in the pro sweep 4bbb challenge.

That’s for THIRD, imagine if I had come first.


You are not suggesting that there was enough in the prize pool for you to afford a new bucket, and not just any old bucket either, but one with a lid… :open_mouth: A lid that actually fits properly too!