New Music Room - Help Required

Right then Meat Men, time for you to annihilate me with ridiculous suggestions and advice. But here goes anyway…

Over the next couple of months I will have the chance to convert a double garage into a dedicated listening room. Garage is approx. 21’ x 20’, central wall to be removed and a steel inserted. Roof is double apex (it was originally a single garage with a second, later addition). Roof will be left open with exposed rafters as adding a ceiling will, I think, make it too closed-in. All walls will be insulated as will the exposed roof.

What I haven’t a clue about is what do I need to do with the electrics. There is a dedicated consumer board already in situ, so power won’t be a problem, but is there anything else I need to consider (number of sockets, placement, schumann issues, pyramids, matter and anti-matter, etc.

Over to you…:+1:

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Beer fridge.


Underfloor heating

A better solution would be a high level air handling/heat pump unit. This would provide heating in winter and cooling in summer to the entire space. Simple refrigerant pipework would connect it to an external condensor unit.


Silver mains wiring.


Steer clear of me for advice. I finished the internal store and started the music room in May 2017 and it’s still not finished.

Must get my finger out and get some more work done in there.

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Do you think it’ll be ready in time for that 300B amp Rabski’s building for you?


Already done :ok_hand:

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Not possible unless I want to spend much money on digging up the old floor

Loads of violins to hang behind the speakers?

Room treatment seems to be well worthwhile. Bass traps etc. It can look half decent if done well.

The thread of pics of hifi set ups on pink fish might provide some inspiration.

I’ll be looking in to this once the room is done as I’ll have no idea about the acoustics until kit is in place and noise is bouncing off walls

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Where are you placing the Schuman resonator?

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A lot to be said for just furnishing and decorating so you’ll enjoy being in there.

The rest will take care of itself.

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Double apex sounds good though, no? What sort of speakers are you putting in there?


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That is the answer to all speaker questions, just want to hear it from him. :grinning::+1:

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He started five years before me. I expect to beat him by at least a decade. :wink:

It WILL be finished this summer. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In that case: studded red leather bar, with optics behind.

We then need to see pictures of the resultant 70s bordello.

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