New: Recommend a New Car or just moan about random cars πŸ™„


I’m a couple of months away from the end of my PCP, and I need to think about which car to go for.
Let’s cut to the chase, I like my Mazda6 but I need to consider other options.

I have no expectation bias but I may be lying.

Budget is 29 - 33K dependent on interest rates.

Go on. Make my day…


Remember, cars are a liability not an asset.

Don’t let ego cloud your judgment.


A top spec face lift mazda 6 has a much improved interior. Had mine not exploded I would have had another.


So apart from spending a wedge of cash paying for depreciation what else are you looking for? :slightly_smiling_face:


Skoda or Honda.


Focus RS.


Citroen B_______, Lexus L___ or Kia P______, sorted.


Too small


OK. I should be more specific;

Mid-Sized :heavy_check_mark:
Estate :heavy_check_mark:
High Spec/Comfort :heavy_check_mark:
Diseasel :heavy_check_mark:
Auto :heavy_check_mark:
Reliable :heavy_check_mark:
Not French :heavy_check_mark:
Exciting = Irrelevant. It’s for commuting and holidays.

Go on then. Recommend a Tricycle…


Volvo v90


Estate ?


Sorry, V90


Have you seen the budget ?


What’s your monthly budget?




G Wagon.

This is the answer to all automotive questions.

I drive a 12 yo Corsa, mind you, so my opinions are likely to be utter pigshit.


You might be able to find a deal on a Jag XF Sportbrake at the top end of you budget.


Quite likely at the moment.


Even with 0% it’s above budget.


Does it have to be brand new?
If you’re prepared to look at 6 to 12mth old cars with less than 10k miles there’ll be a massive choice.