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Not sure who you’re trying to convince? :smiley:

From what I have seen, the environmental benefit is at best negligible at the moment.

Is the Vauxhall Ampera not middle class enough? Would seem to do the trick.


In addition to how many people die in the mining what I would like to see is an accurate lifecycle of a product. that includes energy footprints that factors in mining the raw materials, transportation and manufacture, and depletion of resources etc.

Like many I don’t believe that electric cars are yet much of a net benefit to the planet except for margins for the manufacturers. Similarly I don’t think my wife dishwashing all of our recycling is a good idea for the planet or my own finances.


Haha, actual lol.


There is loads of evidence that the environmental footprint of a hybrid in particular is huge and far outweighs the emissions reduction,
He’s just not looking properly :grinning:


I’d like to see that too. As far as I know exercises like that quickly become horribly complex and somewhat prone to opinion in terms of what should be included and what shouldn’t. They are very, very rarely carried out.

I can’t speak for your finances. But the big intangible here is the cash value that you choose to attach to not digging a hole in the ground and filling it with mixed waste. That used to be just the cash value of the land, which might be next to zero when we used to dump the rubbish on unattractive bits of the coastline or tip it down disused mineshafts or just tip it into the sea. Now I think we use more realistic numbers. But if we raise those numbers high enough then it becomes worthwhile to recycle almost anything. And if it’s easier to recycle clean stuff (they do say that a small amount of food waste can contaminate a whole bin lorry full of recycling) then maybe there is a case for cleaning, say, pickle jars before binning them ?



There’s more than one case.


Is that your puss collection?


despite pressing every button known to mankind and keeping the power dial firmly in th eco zone, I can’t get better than 31mpg out of the gutless Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. I tried pressing the Eco button but it becomes worse than a golf buggy weighed down by POTUS.

This is crap, and only marginally better than my 3.6 V6 twin turbo on a decent run (mind you the Macan normally sits around 17mpg)

I am not sure what the power dial tells me, it spins around randomly like Stronzetto waving his cock in the wind.


Exactly the experience of our friends who had one. They utterly hated it and never managed over 25 mpg. Sold it after 18 months and took a massive bath on the cost.


This ^

It was on the list for company cars two years ago, nothing but moans, groans and rattles from all that picked.

Proper shite dressed in andrex quilt for quilts


My MD has one and thinks it’s the best thing ever, and that says it all…


PHEVs only make sense for short journeys, longer and the efficiency of the ICE drivetrain is the dominant factor.


please explain in English


ICE = In Car Entertainment, if you keep your sense of humour the car is laughable


This - if you’re doing school runs or short commutes, with a very occasional longer run, they can make sense, although I’ve heard nothing but bad things about that Mitsubishi.


The local Mitsubishi dealer let our staff drive one for free for three months. No one seemed very keen but it was covered in stickers about the lease deals etc so could only drive it at night :smile: Think they are about £10k overpriced.


It’s a shame because it’s a good looking SUV.




No such thing exists…:smirk:


Wrong - Volvo reasons.