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What sort of moron buys a Japanese diesel though? :rofl:



People who donโ€™t listen to ill informed scaremongering.


The sort of person who buys a ยฃ300 warranty with it even when experts on forms say you dont need one.

To add, they are not as well built as yours.

To add further, my Civic is in a different league build quality wise, if you can live with a small car and want jap petrol they are worth considering.


Whatโ€™s better about Honda build quality? In words that someone who knows nothing about the real workings of cars can understand pleaseโ€ฆ!


They look good? It does sound a bit big though. Not going to do the ride any good.


I would say Honda are higher tech than Mazda. The interiors of Hondaโ€™s are better. Hondaโ€™s are perhaps less traditional looking on occasion. Nothing wrong with either though. Better engines in Hondaโ€™s too.


ยฃ25k? On a frickin Mazda. :rofl: You can buy a 911 for that.




What is a 16A?




Honda - most reliable engine. But you need to like the high revving nature of them.


Yeah, if you can tolerate the noise mine will hold 2nd to 72mph and it will still kick down to 1st at 30mph.
Not your average driving experience if you need to push on.


Really fucking useful as a family car!


If you got divorced it would be great for taking your kid to the zoo at weekends.


We circle back to the Panamera again thenโ€ฆ:smile:


It has seats in the back, and a boot where the engine should me. What more do you want? :roll_eyes:


A much better way to spend ยฃ25k

You can even get a diseasel


Once again I remember that is a bloody stupid time for me to buy a car because I need a plug in hybridโ€ฆ


Buy the panamera to tide you over. :smile: