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19" wheels? :roll_eyes: Just why?


Penis extension :+1:


shit you’re on form tonight :roll_eyes:


A 19" penis extension? Ambitious :roll_eyes:


It’s 2 inches bigger than standard. So a 2" extension :wink:




Don’t forget the 11 speaker premium Bose setup :rofl:

More seriously, it’s slightly faster and only Β£1500 extra. The premium for the sport used to be more, but then the used to be more differences.


Yeah, I forgot the β€œoptional” 170ps diseasel engine upgrade but as it’s nothing special, I’ll wear that.


Yeah I’m looking at petrol as well.

The GT sport is quite heavily discounted as well, can get well over Β£6k off. Still not sure I want to spend Β£25k on a car though.


Go on go go on - you could have a brand spanking new Skoda estate for about that much :smile:


Or a nearly new Nissan Leaf. :rofl:


Which is neither a large car nor an estate.


Is that important? Surely the most important thing is to be able to laugh at you?


Fair point :unamused:


I had the sport nav+
The 19" wanker wheels make the ride very firm and half decent tyres are Β£200+ a corner as theyre an odd size which tyre places dont stock. When mine went bang i had a 6 on loan with 17" and the ride was massively improved.
And the Bose stereo is shit.


How long did you have it ?


This is true. And taking one for a test drive told me all I needed to know.


Not long, bought it with 27k sold at 58k. About 18mths.


Then it was a Sport Nav not the Sport Nav +



Christ knows, it was top of the range. So what ever it was.
Meh anyway. Heap of unreliable shite.