New Sunday 5th August bake off, plan B. No toblerones

Due to Rob’s pathetic last minute wuss out I’m rescuing the situation with a short notice plan B.

This isn’t a bake off where you bring kit and faff. It’s a BBQ with music. The emphasis will be on food and there will be tunes. I don’t have a listening room so you can just put up with what’s on offer and if you bring any pap it’s not going on.

Let’s say 11am to 7pm latest (or her indoors will throw a strop).
I’ll do burgers and sausages on the grill and veggie muck on request (my other half only eats cardboard so I am used to making room for quorn stuff).

Bring music, cake, or drinks and I’ll send details by PM.
I’m in Nottingham and NG4 for travel (east side).

Edit: numbers will be up to me. Depends which greedy bastards shout up.




Would love to Steve but Strayans.

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Yes please Steve.


Will it really be BBQ though :thinking:

I can light the charcoal drum if pedantic bbq snobs come.
The Weber gas range does have bars that catch the juices and smoke them, and the trip(l)e grill is easier to cook on.

I was planning on a Hugo TT v onboard Perreaux Sabre DAC A/B test. Not a bbq blind taste test! :smirk:

can’t be that bad…mind you, it is gas

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Me please!


Yes please, remind me what a Paradise sounds like :thinking::sunglasses:


Yes please Steve


Well he’s missed me off the list, I feel dejected :frowning:

You can go on it? I suspected you were joking having called your own one off. Though I can see this may not stop you coming to mine…

Just let me know where the truth lies :smirk:

Nah, I live in a semi detached, the only time I can have a bakeoff realistically is when our elderly neighbours go on holiday. On this occasion I miss heard the dates over the garden fence…

So I’m available if you’ll have me :pray:

Deal. Sorry for the understandable confusion!

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Happy to take last minutes on this if needed.
I’ll message details towards end of week but plenty of room.

Needs this.

You can have the Toblerone Rob …

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Can @Ruprecht find a better one please?

Room for a little 'un?



Rick Bandit pilot would like to come…

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