New Sunday 5th August bake off, plan B. No toblerones


teach you to listen in (snoop) more carefully


Mind has wrong image in it now :open_mouth:


Yes and yes.
To Steve and Rick


How are fixed for me fetching Vintage Stilton & a MM Pork Pie?


I’ve sent you all details. As it’s good weather it’s going to be food and drink outside I hope. Inside if you want music…


Got your directions. To be on the safe side I’m packing walking boots, compass & an OS map. See you Sunday, god willing.


Rick can’t come now unfortunately :frowning:


Has he lost the ability to type, or are you his PA now?


The twat has forgotten his log on.


Just let him in on the ‘Rocky’ method.

Join again,every time you want to post…






Pavlova ok for everyone?


I don’t do cream but I suspect it will be a popular choice.
Just got a load of burgers and sausages, brioche buns and some vegetables to roast. Keeps it simple. I may diversify to side salads and potatoes if I can face a shop again :ok_man:t2:

The current forecast is hot! Full sun.
I’d bring shades and sun lotion! Looks like it’s goong to be a blue sky!


I’ll do you abit with no cream on, it will be shit though :+1:


Is the non dairy a Pav or a Lova?


You won’t like the cheesecake either :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Numbers at five, so room for any lurkers (or more food for those coming :smirk:).


I can’t make it on Sunday Steve but I have an idea of what your system sounds like :wink:

Have a great day folks, and keep the thread busy with pictures of gluttony etc.


We have the same back end don’t we (Perreaux and Boenicke W8).

I’m sure you have had fun playing with yours. Mines a bit bigger though.