New Sunday 5th August bake off, plan B. No toblerones


Big thanks to Steve for a wonderful afternoon lolling about in the back garden eating, drinking and being merry, top job :slight_smile:


Excellent afternoon, thanks Steve. Hope you enjoyed hosting enough for the first of many :sunglasses:


The women have just done the leftovers.

Bit hot, but otherwise good fun. Dishwasher just emptied so I can finally relax. Like you were never here now :smirk:


The hifi sounded great from the bottom of the garden :slight_smile:


Your sting in the tail is worse than those feckin wasps.
Seriously…thanks Steve, great food, thanks Lidl, great banter, did I mention wasps, and a minimum of hifi/music crap.
Greg Porter sounded stunning on the way to the loo btw.



Rob…FFS delete the pix of the BBQ with the gas bottle showing.
Could turn ugly




We’d have had just as much musical fun with my tiny Bluetooth speaker.
I reckon some plaster may fall out in the lounge later.
I’m very full and a little burnt. Thanks for the extras and company. I’m not sure the garden will get used for the next one. Genuinely the first time I’ve ever been so far south while at home! Next one can be on that gravel :smirk:


It’s not gas. It’s silver wired fairy power.


Great afternoon, oodles of food and much banter - oh, and some backgound music. Many thanks Steve.


Yes @SAP7 amazing wasp trap really did the business there :roll_eyes:


Great afternoon of food and banter. Thanks to Steve for hosting and looking after us so well.


I can put the RCM back on the dining room table now. Not sure we set foot in there! It’s still far too hot… wasps all gone to bed.


Hi Steve,

Thanks for hosting the bake off. A very relaxing afternoon. Nice burgers and sausages. Some great background music while we were relaxing outside in the sun.

All good stuff!