New (used) car for my 70 yr old Mum

So, my Mums 05 Yaris is starting to play up and cost a bit too much. So time for something else.

Small, reliable, 5-6k

Another Yaris
Kia Picanto
Hyundai i10

Any other ideas or things I should be looking out for ?


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I’d go for the Hyundai i10 or better still the Kia Picanto which gives an extra 2 years warranty.

Just to beat Rob to it - Mazda RX-8! :grin:

When it comes to small cars, I personally wouldn’t stray from a Polo or a Fiesta.

(Well, in truth, if it were me, I’d probably buy a low mileage late 80s Nova from eBay but, then, I’m odd…)

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We had a Polo as a courtesy car a couple of years ago, it was truly awful.


Honda Jazz comes with a box of tissues on the rear parcel shelf.

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No cushions?

Lexus, obviously…

430L, 35 mpg on a run?

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My mother loves her Yaris.


What’s her mobility like?

For something a bit more left-field there’s the Peugeot 1007 which is still a small car but has a sliding side door which might improve access for her.

is the obvious sensible, will work forever answer. For a bit more ease of getting in, Fiesta Fusion.

Both of these assume that there is no aspiration to anything other than a transportation device.

Would a Nissan Leaf work for her? Used very cheap. If just popping to the shops…

For £5-£6K? :roll_eyes:

Yep, £6k gets you one with an owned battery

I am surprised. I had a quick look recently and couldn’t find one under C£18K.

I have a friend who has just turned 87. She’s on her second Citroen C1 auto. Loves it. She changes car fairly frequently due to bodywork bumps and scrapes. In the recent past she’s had a plethora of tiny Hyundais, Toyotas and Suzukis and much prefers the Citroen.

Edited out the idiocy. Thanks Gregg.

Meh… that’s so yesterday, Subaru XV’s are the future, mmmmm…lovely Boxer engines :heart_eyes: