New (used) car for my 70 yr old Mum


My Mum & Dad have a Honda Jazz and love it, it’s nice.


Nothing on Autotrader under £8K.


I think that is a Citroen.


I don’t think you can beat a good Wankel.


Yes Citroen C1 auto. Thanks. Off my game today.


Peugot 107?


Expand your radius! Although the site is down for me at the mo, so I can’t link one


Never, ever buy a Peugeot. We own a 3008, it is a piece of shit. We’ve had all sorts of courtesy Peugeots, they were all as bad or worse. Build out of shit, drive like shit, only shit is less valuable after a couple of years…



Skoda Citygo or VW Up!


I don’t appear to be able to expand beyond national :grinning:


Was a reply to “Peugeot C5” :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Having said that I had a Peugeot van and also a Citroen van which both served me very well, with very little trouble :grinning:




Mmm…strange, that didn’t show up in my search :thinking:


I presume the WiFi you are using from your current holiday resort location is sub-optimal. It couldn’t be user error.





Just logged in after this mornings post. “34 replies to your post” it said

How many RX-8 shout outs, I wondered

Thanks for the advice fellas. As she has quite a diddly garage anything wider than a Yaris is out.

No shouts for the VW Go / VAG equivalents ??

Aygo family deffo an option: i wasn’t aware they did a slushbox


Well, apart from Chelsea Dave anyway :thinking:


BMW 530d


G wagon.

YOLO, after all.


Citroen Berlingo, floor sanders yadda yadda, oak flooring yadda yadda :+1: