New (used) car for my 70 yr old Mum


I’ve got to throw it in the mix, as we have never had a minutes trouble with ours - Fiat 500.


Volvo V70, but be careful about those seats and their adjustment :scream:


LS430? Will do 25mpg on a run.

Modern VWs are absolute shit. Only buy if you want to throw money away.


Drove the Poo-jo version recently (Partner Portaloo) and it was OK. A bit big, though and not as good as the MkI version.
Brother has a C1 and hates it because you need to rev the engine and hang on to the gears. Not an issue with the auto, I guess.




VW Up!. We have two. The basic 3 door will go when the right buy of a full 5 seater saloon shows up but the 5 door High Up! will stay long term. Has all the necessary bells and whistles, heated seats and air con. 50+ mpg. £20 tax. Very good ride. Capable of 500+ mile round trip in a day and you don’t feel frazzled when you get home. The C1 was a demented screamer of a buiscit tin. Avoid. The Up! is better than the daughters Aygo. Can be had as auto. or as a Skoda. Truly feels like a much bigger car and this from someone who has driven 5 series for 500,000 miles over the years.


Fiat panda.


My 87 yr old just got Citroen c1 and it’s been great


This could well be the case. Although my friend loves her C1, I doubt she ever exceeds 20mph.


We looked at one for Jenny before buying the Kia, it really has a cheap and nasty feel to it. The Hyundai i10 is in a different league.


Plus the Hyundai has a 5 year warranty.


For the £5-6k you can get a decent spec fiesta with a 1L 3 cylinder (turbo) engine. They are good cars, drive and ride very well.


Thanks for all the helpful replies and all the other stuff too

Gonna be a Hyundai i10


Before you make a decision, I would consider the Hyundai i10 :+1:


Good choice mate, I drive an i20 1.4d and love it, but have had i10s in the past as courtesy cars. I was very pleasantly surprised how good they are. Did I mention the 5 year warranty? :grin:


My eldest daughter drives an i20 (1.2 petrol) and she loves it; totally reliable and gutless, just what the elderly need.


I had an i10 as a courtesy car, it was so bland I barely remember it. Perfect choice