New WE 300b pre orders

WE now taking orders for them…

Notice they don’t have any UK sellers @murrayjohnson have you thought about selling them in the UK?

Cheapest to order single tubes I notice.

I imagine the opening order would need to be quite substantial and it’d be interesting to know how much margin would be available. To be honest the on/off general flakiness of the venture as it has been over the last 15 years wouldn’t fill me with confidence. I hope they get it right & are successful but I have my doubts given the technical challenges they’d face in doing it properly.

On the bright side, if they’re decent, when it inevitably goes down the toilet you’ll be sitting on a goldmine!

Order pair, test, if good, order 100, wait for implosion = business plan. :grinning:

I had a guy call me this week, some kind of broker who had the option on buying some 2 million NOS valves from the US including WE stuff as well as lots of noval & octal double triodes. I did wonder whether we could get them into your Guildford lock-up!

He could put them downstairs in the hangar, plenty of room in there.


Lol, happy to provide the lock up!

Thread merger must be on shift

Definitive were on that list for the UK until recently.
Whether that was legacy data or not I don’t know as they were UK distributors the last time they were available.
Either Kevin wasn’t interested as he is selling his own LV branded 300B or they couldn’t agree terms.
Be interesting to see what brands like Kondo supply in their 300B amps in the future.

Be interesting to see if Silbatone start to use them.

I have my doubts.

Based on the shoddy re-badge brand cash in / erosion of these


I find myself questioning if they understand / honor / appreciate / wish to preserve / the brand they own or the people that have championed it.

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Indeed, once the Canary’s out of the cage, it’s hard to get it back again.


Personally i will be waiting for some time after actual new product is shipped to customers and there is real independent info on sound quality and longevity before parting with any money. There are a number of very good viable alternatives which have come to market since WEs last efforts so i think I will sit this one out and see how it plays out.