New Year Bake - Last one in Ilford! Sat 12th Jan


Fuck. Now I wish I was coming.


Anyone driving back on the day, via m1 j26 area (or A1 Notts). ?



We seem to be well off for sources (particularly R2R) and amps Guy but you’re the only one who’s mentioned speakers except Gregg but he’s still on the bench, so if you could bring some speakers, that would be great. :+1:


Moar R2R :grin:

So 3 more decks and 30 odd tapes then :wink:


I have some old Kef 103.2s I can stick in the car if all else fails.


So that’ll be Tom Jones and Top of the Pops 1972 on repeat then?


As you wish!

It will have to be sandwiched in between Edd’s ‘sounds of the railways’ tape tho’


Perhaps we could record Jim’s record player on to tape and then listen to the differences.

That sounds like fun.


:weary: don’t suggest things like that, the r2tards will take it seriously.


I’ll be in the hall when that happens.


West Ham - Arsenal live on Sky looks more appealing. I might be late.


I could bring a pair of IPL S3 TL speakers for the back room if it’s any help


Looking forward to this.

Will also have 3 tape decks for new owners :+1:


Have you got The Pusher by Steppenwolf on tape?


Or “Now that’s what I call music 102”?


I have the very first NTWICM on vinyl :blush:


Have you Toy by Yello on vinyl mate?


Yes Jim :+1:


Excellent. Looking forward to that. Got a lot of play here lately.


If only we had a Steepletone system to play such a classic on. :heart_eyes: