New Year Bake - Sat 13th Jan


Could you bring that then please Wayne, then we’ll have a change from Gregg’s Lyngdorf.

I think Ritchie might have a spare phono kicking about :smile:


I have my decisive head on this afternoon :laughing:


Will do Jim, Rk115, RK125 or RK50?
I’ll bring the PT as well (Guy showed interest, though he was probably just being nice :grinning:) then we can have a DD, belt, idler shoot out.


No probs. So I’ll bring the Leben, SP10, and a few tapes.


I have no experience of Redhekos at all Paul, so I’ll defer to you - the room is squarish 5m x 4.5m with a high ceiling.


i can bring the Allnic if we are short of phonos, but it would be good to have new stuff making an appearance.


New stuff? :grin:


I can bring the Whest PS.30 RDT SE as well if needed?


I would like to see & hear the PT/Rabco in action.




I shall bring it then, I would like to hear my Vida with the Preda :+1:


Cakes in the oven, heart attack booked for Monday :cake:



giphy (13)


That’s a shame, Gregg’s just cried off because he’s not well. :frowning_face:

On the upside, we will now be graced with the presence of a TV star :star_struck:

DAVE, you’re in!!


Muh cakes!


Get well soon Gregg.


Yes, we need you to ensure your shops don’t run out of pasties.
P.S. only seven more drop outs needed…


Cheers Jim. Will bring my Concert Fidelity Preamp and some toons.


From me too, Gregg.