New Year Bake - Sat 13th Jan


Thanks guys. Very throaty cough and cold. I know you don’t want it!
The chocolate surprise will have to wait for the next one.
Now what am I going to do with all these extra eggs, I have? Just a hint; it uses 9 eggs.


Our house is full of the aroma of Indian spices :heart_eyes:


I dread to think what aromas it will be full of by Saturday evening… :grinning:




Get well soon Gregg. Have a good day tomorrow guys.


Hope you feel better soon dude :+1:


@Jim not sure if you want to sub someone in as I’ll need to leave around 3ish to get back home in time.

Very large batch of shortbread cooling at the moment.





We need to go full millionaires with this. Caramel & chocolate topping required.


Will everybody STOP making fucking shortbread.

(said in the style of Lock Stock)


Move aside mince pies. IT’S ON.


Sitting up ln bed wide awake with no chance of getting any sleep. Need to do some baking. Shortcake?


I’ve gotta bail, just got up to re-dose night nurse, thought I was on top of snivelling cold but tonight its gone flip top head burning snot bucket. When did itchy ears become a thing…

Hopefully a Super-Sub will see this early enough to fill the gap.


Shame Mark ! Not nice that virus…I’ll pick up your gifts from Dave for you …just for the record you are number 1million 200thousand and 3 on the latest got this virus list …


Get well soon mate.


Safe journey meat men.


Get well soon Mark

Those of us on the bench need pictures of all those lovely hifi boxes and a write up on that phono stage.
Have a great day fella’s


Gutted, I wanted to be in pork n curry n valve sweat, not snot grot

Can’t even face the cheesecake :flushed:

Have a great day fellas


Have a great day. I really wish I could be there.