No Booty

The computer that plays music won’t boot, I press the button but absolutely nothing happens. I don’t really want to take it to the covid breath tech guy around here if I can help it because, he’ll give me disease and charge me fifty quid for the pleasure. The last time it did this I took it to him and he told me “an update got stuck.” Dunno if bullshit or not but I have the same symptoms. Can anyone help? I want tunes.

Ehh, what kind of computer is it?

Have you tried holding the button down for a good while (like > 10 seconds) to see if anything happens?

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@AmDismal can tell you probably, he built it. I’ll try the button thing. :+1:

I can’t be bothered with that shit. :roll_eyes:

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That explains a lot. :rofl:


I thought you’d be along… :grin:

There was a Windows Update recently that apparently fucked some shit up. Probably that. Was it Win 7 or 10?


If it doesn’t power up and is just dead, it’s gonna be the power supply or motherboard.

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I think this. The cable is fine, have checked it. Its kinda old now, is it junk?

If Adam built it, it always was. :rofl:


It might be possible to check the power supply. If that’s the problem it’s fairly easy to swap it out. Changing a mobo in Windows is a ball ache.

It’s not too bad with W10. I did it last year.

Hmmm… It might be possible if you knew what you were doing!

Is it a small form factor? I can’t remember! The mobo might be integral and hard to change.

Have you checked the fuse?



AA tech support in real-time.


Is there a fuse in the unit?