No idea what I'm selling or what it's worth

2000 mint sacd/cd collection. Dcc.mfsl.japs.hifi specials.50’s Jazz.classical.rock n pop. Space ambient. Lots discs still unplayed. Brill audiophile collection. Includes altarus collection. Entire vtl set cd’s still wrapped. Reference recordings …list goes on and on. Cost over 50k to put together. Pick up West Sussex.
Have idea what worth. Will look at serious offers.

Would you take £1-50 inc. postage?

Do you like hamsters or eat a lot of chinese food?

If the answer to any of the above is yes then your dreams may be about to come true.

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You’ve spent £50k on CD’s :joy:


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A list would be nice …

2000 CDs @ £50k+

That’s vinyl prices!

If we are being accurate (pedantic)…

He spent more than that.

The classifieds section is great. I have now sold one email address and one phone number and I didn’t even place the ad :grinning:


Can you ship to North Korea?

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Definitely audiophile :joy:

Correct…there’s a lot of very expensive discs. Shm’s etc ain’t cheap.


2000 CDs cost 50K

That is £25.00 each!
Where were you buying them from?
Vinyl would have been cheaper :grin:

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A lot of specialist dealers, eBay. For example shm fairport convention is 60 quid, pentangle shm sacd is 100. A lot of japanese releases about 40 quid. I could go on.

You ought to, no one is going to make any kind of serious offer without a list.
serious collectors will want to cherry pick as they will only want certain things, if you want to sell the lot then you are talking dealer prices which will be about 25% of the second hand value as a job lot.

Either way no one is going to bother without a comprehensive list.

I get that kevin…I was hoping contact would be made and can discuss content.

Closer to the truth.

What are these CD things you speak of? Are they some sort of black magic?

Is it true that you can play them on a standard gramophone?

Maybe…I gave up vinyl as too problematic…pressings got worse and worse. Still prefer open reel and sacd’s done well.

It is a for sale forum, post what you have and what you want for it, people are lazy, they are happy to browse a list but can’t be bothered entering into correspondence when presumably you would have to send them a list!

Il work on it. I do have four lp’s left.
Quiex II version of t bond Burnett proof thought the night, unplayed. Thomas Dolby flat earth jap release…unplayed. Linn renee lp played once on spacedeck. Stanley Clarke double album wana play for you. .unplayed. Was told quiex II worth 50 quid plus alone. Will sell lot for 80.