No what's your bits and bobs thread?


Can’t seem to find one! Always liked seeing other people’s systems :slight_smile:


Nearest thing


Check out our version of WAYLTRN…


Hello Shaun, welcome back.

Blimey, they’re all coming out of the woodwork this week.


the cat is out of the bag


Time for Jon to do a forum upgrade again.


The pig is in the poke.


I didn’t realise this was where everyone hung out hehe

I browse the other forum from time to time


Welcome, what took you?

It’s the worst kept secret ever.


Sod it, I’ll post mine here,

Same old stuff for years really, I can’t afford an EAR Acute yet.


I’m single, obviously :slight_smile:


You really didn’t need to clarify :smile:


I’ve wooed many women on that sofa to Phil Collins, Jurassic park, and ABC’s lexicon of love. :slight_smile:

How partridgesque


To be fair, it is less obviously single than this.


It’s all Netflix and chill these days.

Maybe we should rename this thread the “whose house to burgle” information service.

In the spirit of the OP I’ll add mine:
Technics SP10 with SME 3012r and Hana sl
Paradise phono
Perreaux 255i integrated
Boenicke W8
Digital is Aurender n100, Cyrus signature cd, Chord Hugo TT



One Allnic 1201 Phono stage out on loan.

Technics SP10 with SME 312S Supex 900 and SME IV Ortofon Rhondo Bronze
Avantgarde Solo
Krell KRC3
Tascam DA-3000 DAC
Audio Synthesis DAX Discrete DAC
Teac D700
Esoteric P30
Audio Synthesis Phono
Velodyne DD15
Cabling Transparent Audio Reference and Siltech. Equipment stands Timbresage.



? Ha


Second system.

Transrotor Fat Bob with Van Den Hul MC-1
Bashup shiny stepup
Trilogy 902 pre with MM
Art Quintet and Croft Series 4 (swapping at the moment)
Teac DA-700 DAC not being used
Micromega Classic Solo (love this thing)
Ensemble Primadonna speakers

Bedroom system

Technics SL1200 Mk2 with Technics nice MM
Trilogy 907 phono
Trilogy 909/990 amps
Ensemble PA-1 Reference speakers with horns
Micromega Duo Pro DAC for streaming
Timbresage speaker stands and Finite Elemente Pagode stand
M&K MX350 sub