Northampton bake - Sat 22nd April

Got a free Saturday on 22nd if anyone fancies coming over. 10-6pm.

Paul +1

Yes please Nick

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Please Nick :+1:

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Yes, thanks.

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Yes please Nick

Would it be ok if I ask my brother in law if he is available (he probably won’t be) - he was with me at Scalford a couple of years ago and bought Marks (browellm) Acoustic Solid / AN Arm 3 off him.
I was speaking to him on Sunday as he is looking at upgrading and I said he needs to hear your system, especially the Gershman speakers.

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Modwright pre :grinning:

No, though we were looking at a Modwright integrated on PFM for him (he has a Gato at the moment) but the seller is incommunicado.

IIRC he bought that after visiting my room at Scalford three years ago.

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That’s right.

Yes that’s fine Paul.

Thanks Nick - he’s very keen to come but needs to check his availability with my sister!!
Should know for sure at the weekend.

Can I have a provisional spot please Nick? Not sure if I’m double booked but I’d like to come if not.


On the list

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Bake off bump :slight_smile:

Can you put me on the list please Nick.

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Everyone still ok for this? Room for more if anyone else fancies coming.

Might have to get the barbie out if the weather is good.

My brother-in-law still doesn’t know if he can come - it depends on how well their dog is.

If the dog is well enough to go into kennels then he will be going away for the weekend with my sister (it’s her b’day on Monday).
If the dog can’t be left then my sister will stay at home with it and he will come to the bake-off (and he can give me a lift) - sorry for messing you around.:blush:

I’m going to Ian’s bake off, otherwise would have loved to come.

No worries Ed I will have another later in the year.

The joys of dog ownership :smile:

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