Northampton bake - Sat 24th Feb


Baka is the first LP I bought on Discogs. Great album.


That was it.
I liked it.


I always enjoy seeing this band busking at Sidmouth, feature a didgeridoo

Should book them for the SW weekend


I got the cd back in the 90’s so when I saw the vinyl £7.00 second hand in my local record store …well it had to go home with me !
Glad you guys enjoyed it!
Even Nicks feet where tapping along


Should be were and not where bloody predictive


It’s true. I expected it to last for one track but it was a genuine surprise. I have even found myself tempted to look for a copy but am resisting :wink:


Will keep a look out next time I’m up there


didgeridoont ? :smile:




Looks like they are Exeter based but get around Devon.


I’ve just checked on Amazon …Someone has listed cd for £76 …god knows what they would like for the vinyl…
That’s greed …but not selling mine😀



Yep, enjoyable, in a foot tapping sort of way :+1: