Nostrad-anus - 2018 Predictions

  • The rise of ‘Reels’

  • Mince pie thread to start in October culminating in actual Mince pie bake off

  • Extended naps and waistline

    What do you see?

much politically driven mirth, or tears, take your pick
many more shite albums in the why are you bothering to listen to that thread
serious grief at my next visit to the Doc’s, (honest I thought I had been sensible on the booze and food front)

Nervous breakdown

Citeh to win the Premier.

I reckon I’m going to get less sex than I would like


I for one welcome our R2R overlords.


I believe that the forum will become fixated with men’s fashion around March this year.

The “What jumbo cord are you wearing today?” thread will hit 5000 posts by the end of June.

Oh, and I think that “Nostradanus” would be a snappier title for this thread.

Me to. If absolutely gazillions of us get into it, we could all club together and buy half an almost listenable, shitty 70’s middle of the road band’s new tape release.

Unquenchable joy abounds.


Indeed - Fixt

Bristol Hifi show will be cleaned out of freebies

Following the vinyl revival and led by the AA, 2018 will see the resurgence of tape in the youth mass-market. Expect to see these appear as Lidl’s ‘craze of the summer’

MW radio too ! Oh joy unconfined …



We’ll all be using a crystal set for receiving radio

Japan is wayyyy ahead of you. In an on trend store when MrsKettle’s sister was out there in October…

Oasis will reform and sodders will rave about how good they are.

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we were stood outside a shop in C. London that had a similar range of pre-loved portables for sale, at stupidly high hipster prices


Velvet 5 button waistband flares will make a comeback

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The future is sexy, the future is 8 track and evenings rolling around on the shag pile.

I’ve got a one cup tea thing that looks just like those speakers.

Hipsters and collectors have been on the cassette scene for quite some time. Early random rap, metal, minimal synth and some new age tapes go for £££

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