Nostrad-anus - 2018 Predictions

Is there a revival in original “walkman” bootlegs yet? I got hundreds of the bastards somewhere, including the quite famous “puking Dead Kenedys” where the fella leaves the gig, goes to the bog, pukes and returns, managing to record the whole effort. Just the thing for a Hipster cafe i would have thought.

Oh, Trump will press that button, he can’t fucking resist it for another year. Barely muted fascism will continue its meteoric rise. A box set will appear that is actually worth watching for all 7 seasons and BoJo will become Prime Minister.

I will predict right here, right now that 2018 will be the year that Steepletone finally overtakes Apple to become the world’s number one tech company.

The new Ibiza tower loudspeaker will set the trend that others will struggle to follow. A radical attempt to tackle boxy colouration. And it lights up. World beating.


Flute shaped speakers.


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I predict meh!

Lots of meh!

New Tull triple LP then?

If only :unamused:


I am thinking of changing my name in your honour.

I may well be known as Max Flutage :+1:

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Modest of you…

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This why…meh!

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I threw out a load of new age tapes because the Charity shops would not take them!

Fishnet y fronts will come back in fashion mid June


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And I predict 2018 is going to be ALL about power cables - may as well throw the rest of your hifi away if you don’t get this vital part of your cable loom right.

Fucking amateurs.

Rocky to open his 19th account on AA


Audio Abattoir to be bought by an aggressive vegan intent on converting everyone and telling them what to eat.

Forum will be renamed Beancurd Farm, and many popular threads retitled including Tofu Therapy/ What Are You Smugly Eating, The Greenhouse, and Today I Have Been Mainly Doing Yoga & Guilt Tripping Carnivores.



Your money, waste it as you wish :wink:


Great idea with one tiny flaw -

We’d all fuck off and form another one

History repeating itself?

Morrissey will say something utterly moronic.

Bono will say something utterly moronic.

Ed Sheeran will come out as a secret Ginger.

Ed Sheeran will have a number one.

Vinyl will continue to go up in price.

CD’s will continue to come down in price.

0’s and 1’s will be replaced by Quantum bits.

Lo-Fi is the new Hi-Fi.

Hipsters will learn to eat off plates, like the rest of us.

Three will be peace and good will to all men, women, asexual, bsexual, csexual and LGBTQIA people.


Don’t start him off Paul…


Haha, yes. I shouldn’t have gone there :smiley:

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