Nostrad-anus - 2018 Predictions


Title corrected to reflect the appropriate spelling.


England to make semi final of the World cup


I predict a Stronzetto backlash. The wee shite has been getting waaaay too much of the limelight lately and it’s high time his midweek master took him in hand. :+1:


Stuart, it might just be time for you to change the water and wash the bong out carefully.


To be fair, he didn’t say which team/competition and he can’t possibly have meant the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia ™.


ITT noob believes that the presence of the word “anus” in a thread title is accidental.


I always place incompetence ahead of conspiracy when explaining anything that happens here.




I consulted an animal trainer recently and explained my pet was disobiedient, frisky and maladjusted. He said it was likely sexual frustration and he should be “manually relieved”

Curiously when said trainer came on a home visit and was faced with a glued out Brazilian Legs a
Kimbo he took a strange turn and screamed for the police.

There’s nothing for it but to kennel stronzetro for a while. He really is quite out of hand.


I do wish I had a fucking clue wot you are on about :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::rofl::rofl:




It’s Italian.
It’s rude.


It seems research is required :+1:


Distended cat livers served on a lino floor tile will be the new hipster taste sensation this year.


Stronzetto needs some healthy exercise.


The public will wake up and realise what a rubbish drink gin is.


No you don’t!!


I’m turned right on, on a Sunday! Maybe Mr. AWS really is possible?


Would that not be a S&MWS?


Great post :+1: