Notes from a remote island


A bit blustery today, so bigger swell at sea, but nothing to get excited about.

The ‘Haa of Funzie’ this afternoon


What a totally amazing place to live Paul


Mind, I see the wind was strong enough to blow the sea sideways. It’s clearly sloping from left to right :wink:.



That would be my crap photography. Oh, and not noticing it before posting. I could have edited that out :roll_eyes:


Noooo … it’ll definitely be the wind. Either blowing the sea or blowing you.



I has edited it


Still looks a bit squint


That’s just the natural curvature of the earth



Not forgetting there is more curvature the further North you go toward the pointy bit at the top.


Of course.

Well we are near the bit where you can easily fall off!


Naim it.


How very dare you.

Never thought I would hear the N word spoken on here :open_mouth:


But but but, I thought, flat earth, humour, blah blah … sod it, book me Danno, it’s a fair cop !


Looking more like late Autumn today. 40 mph Southerlies and heavy rain.


Happy Birthday


A bit of a different but yet similar scene is winter at Roker or Tynemouth watching the waves hit the piers. Always impressive to watch the power of the sea.


Thanks, Stu.


Happy Birthday.


Yep happy birthday


Happy bird day (oh, hang on, wrong thread).