Notes from a remote island


50mph legally


As fast as you like,

…or want to risk. Nearly every road (five of them, one main road and four offshoots, I think) has a ditch at one or both sides.

No cameras or police but animals can stray on to the road anywhere


You need a trial bike.


Why, are they ditchproof?





Whatever the speed limit I reckon young Hildur will exceed it !

I have forgotten what a clean spaniel looks like. :slight_smile:


Haha, you want to see the state of them sometimes when we’ve had a lot of rain and they decide to go running in the ditches!

I’ll post a pic next time it happens.


From this evenings walk in beautifully sunny but rather windy conditions

Of course, as soon as we got to Houbie beach, the girls had to go for a dip


Happiness on a Scottish Island


A couple of views today from my birding trip around the island on a lovely October day


Bloody lovely!!


Thank you, I feel very lucky.


No issues with the weather here today. Sea was flat calm and sun shining. Lovely!

Came over a little grey when I was out with the girls, just now, but still calm. Winds due to start increasing tonight.


Great view that. How far from your place?


If you walk across the fields, about 500 yds. By road about half a mile.


Very nice. Is that a neighbour’s place in the centre of the shot?


Yes. That house is about 100 yards from ours.


I’ve actually misnamed the picture ‘Aith bay’ when it should be ‘Houbie bay’ :roll_eyes:


They look close to the edge there. Any problems when the sea is really lashing around?


No worries of serious damage, but they get sea spray. After a rough sea we have to wash our windows to remove all of the salt.


We do the same very regularly. The back of my place faces the sea about 150 yards away though there is a railway building in the way that blocks the worst of it.


Envy is not a condition I suffer from, on this occasion I submit to it. Beautiful and idyllic, Barnaby and I would be very happy on your patch of turf and surrounding waters. Now to stop daydreaming.