Notes from a remote island


7pm tonight there will be live video of the torchlit parade and the burning of the Viking ship


(casual thread necro)

I had that map on my wall for many years.

Frankly, I’m buggered if I know what happened to it.


New shed underway with the help of a mate from Durham who is staying with us for a couple of weeks.

Maddie inspecting one of the foundation blocks which are concreted into holes

Tea break once the base is in position

Floor joists fitted

Frames erected and plywood floor down

Made some progress on the cladding

Pretty pleased with it all considering four days ago it was just a pile of timber


It’s an Amish community, I bloody new it, barns everywhere. Can’t so much as blink and another bloody barn goes up.

What’s in this shed? Workshop?


I’m still waiting for the listening room to be finished.


I can see the roulette table fitting in and perhaps a couple of dancing poles but how does the hot tub figure into things?


They’re the ones who are allowed to set up casinos and whorehouses outside the law, right ?



No, already have a workshop in a stone outbuilding.

This is just for storage.


Promotional video for ‘The AdderStane’ - a book by Fetlar resident Avalina Kreska. It is a virtual reality flight from Sumburgh (Southern tip of Shetland Mainland) to Fetlar and then a short aerial tour of Fetlar.


Fail! I couldn’t see your new shed :roll_eyes:

Also, it needed a Steven Wilson soundtrack :smirk:


No one deserves that kind of cruelty.


Stunning !


To fit in a prog soundtrack, the flight would have had to be made in one of these…


And then set on fire?


That would make it into a classic rock album


Shed finished apart from a couple of internal braces and a bit more external treatment

Doesn’t look very big in the pic, but it’s 16’ x 8’ and 8’ high at the front


Good craft.


:grinning:Needs windows and a patio


When do you move in?


That’ll be for the summer house,

…when I build it