Nürburgring touristenfahrten 2019 - An AA road trip?

Anyone fancy a road trip to the Nürburgring later this year?

A couple of weekends that spring to mind are 31st May - 2nd June or 7th - 9th June. Will need to check which days touristenfahrten,

Basic plan

Drive out Friday morning using the chunnel, arrive at hotel within 50km of the track, drink beer and eat meat.
Spend all day Saturday at the track, driving (optional) and watching the goings on. Drive back to hotel, drink beer, eat meat.
Sunday drive home.

It’s 330 miles from Folkstone.

Anyone up for this in principle? If yes we can work out the finer details around the dates that work.


I’m in,

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Oh yes! :heart_eyes:

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Maybe as a passenger :slight_smile:

Take the bike!

Not a chance.

Take the Lexus, an ideal cruiser for the journey. Driving round the circuit isn’t mandatory, unsure if I’ll do it again tbh. I want to spend time in the viewing areas watching, really enjoyed that last time, along with beer and meat natch.

Honestly, I’d rather just sit in Pete’s and Jim’s and be driven around and fed meat. Ideal weekend.



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Be good if i could have at least one…

Sharing a room though would of course be optional :mask:

I don’t have any interest in driving, but might consider it if ballast were required

My car doesn’t do passengers, it’s cramped enough with me in there.

Send an invite to Prince Phillip! You could sit in with him :grinning:


Wouldn’t you be shot-on-sight when you exit the tunnel at Coquelles :laughing:

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How much are the visas going to be?


Once the guy with the Astra turns up you are all toast anyway…

This is very tempting, on bike


watching amazing programme on the track , i am surprised only 200 have died on the track since it opened in 1927 , one guy has done 20k laps in his 600 bhp jag . incredible to have learned so many turns and layout of track . the programme is guy martins the fastest van? if anyone interested

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