Nürburgring touristenfahrten 2019 - An AA road trip?


Could be up for this G, depending on costs and final dates.


Hotel will be about €100 euro per night or half that if you share a room.
Fuel for 1000ish miles,
Plus consumables.
Pedestrian access to the track and viewing areas is mostly free.

It doesn’t need to be very spendy.


Plus ~30 Euros/lap to drive round.


The Panny should average about 30mpg over that distance on mainly Mways, so about £200 for fuel + £200 for the hotel and say another £100 for beer/food, So, roughly £500 plus the chunnel cost.

Tbh, I could do with a partner, not so much to share the cost (although obvs that would be nice) but I would prefer if somebody would be willing to share the driving - 430 miles (incl Ilford to Folkestone) is a lot for me in one day; I know from diving in connection with work that I can get a bit tired after 250 miles or so…must be getting old :weary:


It’s a decent run. But if we set off reasonably early and break the journey with 3 or 4 pit stops it’ll be ok.

Check out this video…

Day return to the Ring on 1 tank of fuel.


More than happy to Sit/Drive/share cost with you Jim. When the fumes get too much I can have a sit with Pete.


Handily, the car is fitted with a button operated 4-way extract system :smiley:




Apparently the fucker has been out and about driving without wearing a seat belt since the crash. What an arse.


I could take my Citigo it’s very economical. :sunglasses:


Ah the fabled Porsche Bio Weapon defence package.


Even after remapping and associated modifications?


I want that. :heart_eyes: thanks Rob
That would lap the porkers. :sunglasses:


Ooh I’ve just picked up a nice new(ish) F56 Cooper S, would go along but wouldn’t want to shame all you porker drivers with the lap times.

(that and I’m a shit driver so would probably kill myself on the hamberder ring)


New Cooper S - your back will be fucked before you even get to the Burger Ring.


If it’s always as busy as it looked when Top Gear went there then they must make more profit than Audi, BMW and Mercedes put together, and unlike them Brexit isn’t going to matter a jot.:grinning:


Randomly I’ve just watched the Porsche 919 lap record video. It has all of the fast. The time that car takes to get to 360kph is just scary!



Closed the first of the two weekends you mention, but open the second weekend (Sat 8th June) :+1: